Coloured PencilsOverwhelm is certainly playing havoc this week, thank goodness I have my friend to center myself and come back to three times a day.  And my amazing little action cards that give me results and rewards real quick. This week I have a beautiful clean sparkling fridge  Yeah  you should have seen the dance and heard the song as I CELEBRATED.

The activity to find out two words that are my personal pivotal needs or PPN was BRILLIANT.

I have reshaped my words of I am Perfect Health to be I am True Health and so excited to really discover what that is for me.  Playing with I am Perfect Health before this exercise led me to connect to Joe Cross his movie and his 60 day juicing REBOOT.  I am jumping into that having crossed a line on the weekend.  The headaches as I detox are monstrous but a real reminder of how poorly I have been treating my temple.  It is now time to claim back my TRUE HEALTH.

The other word that I circled was LIBERTY.  This is so cool.  I am about personal freedom and freedom of others.  I am a spirit warrior, and come to life when I am able to draw a spirit out, through the eyes and free them to play and show them how wonderful they truly are.  I look forward to exploring the true meaning of liberty for me.

I have a beautiful clean fridge and I am true health and liberty and I always keep my promises.

“Self-esteem is like a difficult-to-cultivate flower.  It requires frequent nurturing that occurs when you keep your word and follow through on your promises.” -Derrick Bell

This quote just jumped out at me written in BLUE as I was posting this blog!  And I love as I write this post there is a BLUE rectangle staring right back at me.

I am true health and I am liberty, that I am