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Truly blessed and excited for all that is revealing itself to me right now, and yet I am still at the beginning.  The work I have been doing on my inner world  over the last 6 years is really starting to pop.  The MKMMA JOURNEY has been a significant player in the joy I feel right now, and I am only at week4 of the 26 week journey.

I know it is the decision I made and the commitment to the work that is creating so many beautiful rewarding new habits.  My strength and confidence is growing and resources are showing up to assist me in achieving my DMP.  So amazing to really surrender to the Universe the HOW and just take action from the divine inspiration that is delivered to me daily.

I am but a tiny seedling and I need to constantly monitor myself as I develop the habits that I choose to surrender to.  The old blue print grows weaker  everyday.

My energy is the highest it has been for many years.  Hope, faith, dreams, opportunities, possibilities inspirational thoughts come to me abundantly and joyously.

I love and celebrate that I am of service to others, as others are of service to me.

My DMP is exciting, exhilarating, and what at first appeared to be an impossible task has revealed itself to me in a beautiful way.  Even the decision to give TV  up has truly given me already so much more than what may seem lost.

So blessed to be on this Journey of Success with all the spirits that are traveling with me.

Success Starts Here