About Cathy

Success Starts HereHaving discovered the power of myself, I am embracing the journey of growing and becoming more than I was yesterday. I love that I create my outer-world, by creating my inner-world. So if it’s to be IT TRULY IS UP TO ME. As scary as that is from an accountability point of view, it is truly liberating at the same time. Don’t like what I see on the outside, go inside and embrace change.

Cleaning up my thoughts and investing time in my beliefs and truly choosing those that resonate with my life moving forward.

I am a very proud mother of two amazing spirits, Brianna and Aidan. I have a beautiful husband that has given me the gift of time to really find my truth.

I love that I can do, be, have anything I choose, and my universe, continually challenges me and helps me light my path of truth. The next 6 months I am on a truly directed path of inner learning, releasing and ultimately uncovering the desires dreams and goals for the next period of my life. I choose to be a winner and am committed to completing what I have started. As a pay-it-forward-scholarship recipient, it is important I complete this part of my journey to be able to give the gift of encouragement and freedom to others that come after me.

I am excited to learn and embrace the teachings of the MASTER KEY SYSTEM……..


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