Week1 – 14 1/2 hours til launch

I am excited and completing the tasks required to commence my Master Keys journey.

I am looking forward to understanding and developing my knowledge on the world of  blogging as I dive deeper into my inner world of healing, growth and empowerment.

It is my hope that as I go on this journey with all the other 2014 Master Key Scholarship recipients, that I am able to inspire others to stay the course and be excited by the lessons this journey will reveal to us.  This will only happen if I stay the course.

The celebration that will occur on the 28th of March 2015 will be the best ever.  I will be at the end of this 6 month journey, and one month into the one year celebration of my 50th birthday Recognition.

I am excited to look forward onto the blank slate in front of me and knowing the pictures I create on this, over the next six months, will unlock my new reality of my choosing.  Being the captain of my ship, choosing my life’s design.  For if I don’t I give the power to another to choose for me.

For too long my words have been locked inside, my self belief has been on a crazy roller-coaster.

Keeping this journal/blogging commitment is a huge step forward for me.  As confronting and challenging as it is, it is also freeing and exciting to see where my thought journey takes me……..

Thanks for stopping by



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